Jindal Cow Mats

About us

Jindal Cow mat is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Gym, floor and animal mats. We are specialized in cow mats designed exclusively for better health of cattle and other dairy animals.

The mats designed by us are durable, cost-effective, ensure long term better health of cattle. Moreover, it helps cows in lying down for longer that enhances blood circulation and ultimately increases milk production. Our cow mats are made from expanded foam rubber combined with natural rubber.

The rubber we use consists of many tiny air bubbles that assure soft and comfortable sitting for cows and buffaloes. This, in turn, helps farmers reducing their maintenance cost of cattle sitting area. Likewise, it helps to have better hygiene and prevent injuries while sitting, which leads to less medical bills.

Jindal cow mats also increase income due to higher milk production.
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Reduce Injury of cow

It is observed that cow puts about two-third of its weight on front knees. Cow Mat absorbs excessive shock and helps cow to sit painlessly.

Relax time increases

A cow lies down and rises many times in a day. Mat's surface encourages cow to lie down for longer time periods on cow mats.

Enhances Blood Flow

Our Mats Features

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Easy To Clean

Jindal Cow Mats are made up of high-density foam which makes them super easy to clean.

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Insulation For Body Temp.

Cow mats act as thermal insulators which is beneficial in improving the overall health of a dairy cow.

cow mats are slip resistant

Slip Resistant

Cow mats provide friction and helps in avoiding injuries. They can sustain up to 500-600 Kg without losing flexibility.

Animal Mats are Non-absorbent

Non Absorbant

Our cow mats are non-absorbant to liquids which helps in maintaining cattle hygiene and washing them.

increases blood flow

Increases Blood Flow

Cow mats provide the best level of comfort, thus helping them to rest more and relaxed cows provide 30% more milk.

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Drainage Channel

The bedding of Jindal Cow Mats remains dry and prevents possible bacterial growth.